Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shopping outside your comfort zone....

First, thanks to everyone for your awesome support and encouragement to get this blog off the ground! An even bigger thank you to the influx of ideas, coupons and info sharing.. I am am working on a way to link those to this blog quickly and efficiently... obviously have not gotten there yet!
Today I found myself a whopping 20 miles away from home looking at father's day and birthday gifts. It was so much fun to shop out of my comfort zone!!! You know what I mean, when you are so used to the same Target, Walmart, Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and the like. The cool thing about these stores is that the merchandise is always different! Don't be afraid to drive a little out of the way to get a better selection, or at the very least, a little different selection than you are used too!

Diva Deals:

Locally: Albertsons is running a weekly circular with clipable coupons. Among the deals, you can find Freschetta pizzas 2 for $7 and Koolaid juicer 6 packs for 69 cents! I spent $39 o approximately $68 worth of groceries!

In the mood for a movie???? Redbox is the place to hit... Use BREAKROOM (thanks MArci!) the first time you enter your email information. This code is good once for each credit/debit card you have. Once you use that code, try DVDONME, again good once each with each card you use. Finally, try DVDATWAG at Redbox at Walgreen's locations! You will be watching movies for free all summer long!

If you are still looking for Father's day gifts and are feeling adventurous.... head down to Harry Hines to Odyssey Watches off of i-35.. They carry a massive selections of men's, women's and kids watches for $4-10 each. The popular fossil "jelly" watches are in stock in about every color!

So step out of that comfort zone, hit a new location of a familiar store and treat yourself to a least a free movie rental!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Start Spreading the News

So, here I am, FINALLY ready to take the plunge! After almost 4 years... really, has it been THAT long? I am coming back to the world of internet and doing my part in social networking with all of you! My dear friends and fellow bargain shoppers, lets take our saving to a new level!!
For those of you who don't know me outside of the cyberspace world, I have a PASSION for saving money. I also have a passion to write, to speak and to empower women (and you men who will listen) to have the things they want, but wisely. The Bible says in Proverbs 31 that a woman prepares and keeps her home. She is the center. We see it all around us, advertisers want to know what WOMEN think because we are the ones doing all the buying! I am hoping this blog serves two fold.... First, to share practical deals as I find them around town and second, educate all of us on how to save when we spend in general as it relates to certain topics with some Biblical perspective. I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to share here as well... What better way to save than sharing our collective efforts for finding great deals! I won't be lengthy - I don't have the time! I will be as detailed as my non detailed mind allows me and I will do my best to answer comments as you have them. I have found such joy in sharing deals with close friends and family over the years... I look forward to sharing many more with you! so start spreading the news! Diva Deals are on their way!!!